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Cargo Logistics offers a complete suite of additional services to provide our clients with the best bulk liquid shipping experience.​

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Installation of Flexitank in the container takes about 20-30 minutes, after which it is ready for filling the liquid cargo which takes another about 30-40 minutes. After filling the flexitank with your cargo it is ready to be sealed and shipped.


We remove the uncertainty of domestic port dray service giving you fast, flexible, solutions to get your freight out of the port and into the next step of your supply chain. We also give shippers access to cost-saving transloading services, and secure, convenient warehousing.


Transloading can be a complex process. Here at Cargo Logistics International, we minimize the complexity by offering a single point of contact for your shipment to assist, update and relay relevant information to you directly throughout the shipment process.


CLI also offers diverse other services for flexitanks such as the removal and environmentally friendly disposal of flexitanks and the transfer of load residue in the appropriate and clean IBC containers.

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