Flexitank DESIGN

Cargo Logistics offers a complete suite of additional services to provide our clients with the best bulk liquid shipping experience.​

Flexitank Container

The most economical way to ship your
bulk liquid cargo.

Cargo Flexitanks offer a reliable and economical alternative to shipping in ISO tanks, totes, or drums. Authorized for all forms of transportation, including rail, Cargo’s flexitanks can safely deliver your products and save you money.

5 Ply Construction

Our Flexitanks are multi-layered 5 ply polyethylene tank with a woven polypropylene outer cover providing the maximum protection to your bulk liquid cargo.

High Capacity

With flexitanks ranging from 16000 Liter to 24000 Liter capacity, we have the right size flexitank for every type of bulk liquid shipment.

Safe and Reliable

Our Flexitanks are fitted with 3" valves with a specialized valve cap that seals our flexitank inside the container - meeting all worldwide customs requirements for transport of bulk liquids.

Environmental Safety

FlexiTanks are single-use, however, they are recyclable, which reduces environmental waste and cleaning chemicals reducing the carbon footprint of your cargo.


ISO Tanks

Up to 26,000 liters
Expensive to purchase
Round trip leases
Cleaning, servicing and repositioning each trip

Ship in flexitanks with no additional costs.

ISO Totes

16 per truck
275 gal (16,656 ltr) 330 gal (19,984 ltr)
Requires cleaning and servicing
Expensive to relocate
Relatively easy to damage

Flexitank payload is 31%
and 17% more than totes.

55 Gallon Drums

80 per truck
16,640 liters total
Will not palletize for export
Expensive to ship empty, relocate and clean
Significant environmental hazard

Flexitank payload is 31% more than drums.

Products shipped each year
Zero Leaks to date
Ocean Carrier Approvals
Countries Serviced to date

Add Benefits, Subtract Stress



The metal bulk head with a unique design offers the cargo greater safety. Our most popular design includes two bars supplied as one unit. This helps in providing enhanced protection to the valve during transportation.

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Manufactured out of PP laminated with MET and PET, provides excellent insulation and barrier properties. It acts as a robust interface protection between the walls of the container and the flexi tank. Can be envisaged in box form or blanket form.


Heating Pad

Designed and engineered specifically to use with our flexi tank, to ensure the product can be brought to a liquid state when the customer needs to unload the product. Its user friendly design enables ease in installation.

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