Flexitanks that
safely deliver your products.

5 Ply Construction

Our Flexitanks are multi-layered 5 ply polyethylene tank with a woven polypropylene outer cover providing the maximum protection to your bulk liquid cargo.

High Capacity

With flexitanks ranging from 16000 Liter to 24000 Liter capacity, we have the right size flexitank for every type of bulk liquid shipment.

Safe and Reliable

Our Flexitanks are fitted with 3" valves with a specialized valve cap that seals our flexitank inside the container - meeting all worldwide customs requirements for transport of bulk liquids.

Environmental Safety

FlexiTanks are single-use, however, they are recyclable, which reduces environmental waste and cleaning chemicals reducing the carbon footprint of your cargo.

Flexitank Design

Quality Flexitank Design

FlexiTanks can store up to 24,000 liters and are suitable for shipping containers measuring 20 ft. in length. With a flexible tank, you can convert a standard container used for dry goods into the perfect liquid container.

Servicing the full spectrum

We handle a variety of products

Industrial Products

Multi-grade Mineral Lubricants, Adhesives, Base Oils Monograde, Biodiesel/Methyl Ester, Optical Brightener, Detergents, Emulsions, Plasticizers [limited], Glycerin [Crude/Refined], Surfactants, Silicate Binder, Etc.

Glycols &
Fatty Acids

Glycols, Fatty Acids/Alcohols, Tall Oil Fatty Acid, Lanolin, Transformer Oil, Etc.

Oils & Concentrates

Vegetable Oils, Palm Oils/Fats, Fish oils, Coconut Oil, Peanut Oil, Corn Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Fruit Concentrates, Dark Soy Sauce, Sorbitol, Polyols, Fructose, Malt extracts, Etc.

Non-Food Products

Detergents, Base Oils, Paraffin Wax, Emulsions, Fertilizers, Natural & Synthetic Latex, Plasticizers, Transformer Oils, Water-Based Paints, Water Reducer, Etc.

Our Clients Mean Everything

Here's what they are saying

Carter B.

“I am impressed with your entire team and long-term vision of how you could help my company Trust is a key thing in this world and I feel so comfortable knowing you are handling my shipments. I will definitely continue to come to your company for all my logistics needs.”

Vic B.

“Cargo Logistics International is a game changer! The customer service is unmatched and their ability to handle the types of chemicals I send their way makes them the best choice for moving hazardous cargo hands down.”

Deborah C.

“The knowledge that the Cargo Logistics International Team possesses is beyond anything I have encountered in the industry. Whether I just want transloading handled or an entire end-to-end package, Cargo Logistics International has shown that they are the best company out there to handle my freight.”

Regulatory Standards


Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Control System in India, our flexitanks ensure quality at every step of productions. Kosher and TTCI rail tested, our flexitanks  are of highest quality and boast ZERO leaks to date with more than 10 years in production.

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